Huonetuoksut metsässä

Osmia room scents bring a unique ambience to your home, with a selection of northern fragrances or classic, world-famous scents. You can adjust the intensity of the scent by the number of sticks, the more sticks in the bottle, the stronger the scent. If you are away from home for a long time, the sticks can be completely removed.

Osmia is the only company in Finland that develops its own fragrances. Osmia's expert manufacturing is based on the company's founder Eero Vänttinen's many years of passion and life's work as a fragrance developer. Väntt, who has a doctorate in chemistry, has been fascinated 30 years ago, especially in the use of fragrances found in Finnish nature in high-quality products.  The aim is to provide high quality products with an exceptional experience!