Responsibility for Osmia as a company has been self-evident from the beginning, we feel our responsibility as a producer of goods and we value transparency in our operations. Responsibility for us means that the entire production chain is in our own hands and we choose the raw materials ourselves carefully. It means that it is easy for the consumer to ask us about the products if someone is concerned. It is also easy for us to tell customers openly.

Responsibility also means knowing our raw materials and choosing them carefully. We have the knowledge and expertise to do so, our founder Eero has a doctorate in chemistry. For raw materials, it is important that they function in the function they are intended for, are safe and environmentally friendly. The aim of our products is to give the user joy and feelings of experience!

Our production takes place in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. This allows us to produce just the right quantities of  items, our loss is non-existent. Products that do not meet the requirements of their appearance but are fully usable will be delivered to charity.

A product that is responsibly manufactured in Finland is the perfect choice for a conscious consumer.